"I had the privilege of being nominated to take the Future Ready Leadership Professional Development Program. The instructors were inter-active and engaging with their own personal stories to share which helped ease nervousness when being pushed out of our comfort zones. Important leadership skills with useful implementation techniques were provided to us with opportunities to practice in a group setting. As well, working as a team toward a final presentation to our Management Executive Team where we were able to display what we learned to those who nominated us. At the end of the Future Ready Leadership PD, I was fortunate to be promoted to a Management position within the College. It is great to be able to use the skills that I learned with excellent material to refer to. I would highly recommend this course!"
- Kelsey Crawford, Operations Manager, Continuing Education, Mohawk College
"If you are an individual that takes pride in how you conduct yourself professionally and personally and have a solid work ethic that is acknowledged by senior management staff, then the Future Ready Leadership program will truly be beneficial in so many aspects. This program brought together like minded individuals that are seeking to advance their leadership skills for the betterment of themselves and the corporation. During our sessions we touched on topics that related to municipal best-practices, leadership, project management, coaching, mentorship, conflict resolution, delegation, team building but most importantly the ability to gauge oneself. Once you know areas that need to be addressed or focused on then these new found skills will assist you in tackling any personal limitations. These sessions and the interaction with fellow colleagues was truly beneficial. I have created solid relationships with individuals across the Corporation and through those relationships we were able to share knowledge, stories and management styles. This program aligns with our Corporate Pillars in exemplifying collective ownership and engaging empowered employees."
- Nick Anastasopoulos, P.Eng., Chief Building Official, City of Burlington
"The Future Ready Leadership program was an excellent educational opportunity. The training course provided a very comprehensive overview of the requirements and many learning occasions that I am now using daily. Jack and Angela were both very knowledgeable instructors, who connected well with all the participants. I would highly recommend this training opportunity.”"
- Lynda Bartlett, Manager Human Services, County of Oxford
"Denninger’s recently completed a 2 day Essential Skills for Managers training course at Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE). The investment in training and development was identified by CEO Mary Aduckiewicz and Regional Manager Andrew Laurat as an integral piece of long term success for the specialty foods retailer. The program was customized and delivered to help build from existing skills of the 25 managers and was delivered on 2 consecutive Mondays. The flexible delivery schedule is another way MCE works with its clients to maximize their training potential."
- CEO Mary Aduckiewicz and Regional Manager Andrew Laurat, Denninger’s Foods of the World
"I found this program extremely beneficial to increase knowledge of emergency operations. The content was great, the facilitators were knowledgeable and the flow was perfect. Great job on how you implemented theory with activity to keep people engaged. Real-life exercises helped to show what the environment is like in the EOC. Extremely valuable."
- Participant, February delivery of Emergency Operations Centre & Site Management Course
"The team at Mohawk College Enterprise has been a pleasure to work with, bringing their expertise and knowledge of the industry together, in order to deliver a great training session for our team. I have found Dianne (Jones) to be very thorough in assessing our training needs, to make sure the delivery and the material presented were as relevant to our staff as possible. Sandra (Summerhayes) brought excellent presentation skills and an amazing level of enthusiasm to the subject, Career Ethics, connecting our staff to it through practical, work related exercises which have benefited our whole team. Thank you, Dianne and Sandra!"
- Raluca Lazar, Program Manager, The Centre for Skills Development & Training