"This was a great course that offered real-world experience to further my leadership skills. It's one of the best training courses I have taken."
- Anonymous, on the Future Ready Leadership 1 program
"Having attended numerous corporate training sessions throughout my career, it was great to see an organization that takes the time to research the training topic and provide clear and valuable strategies to participants (on Time Management)."
- Tara Aronson-Pattison, Manager of Employment Services, PATH Employment Services
"MCE was very thorough and clear in their workshop. I enjoyed the discussions and learned new techniques (on Time Management)."
- Karli Pottruff, Admin Assistant, GVL
"(Speaking as a Leadership Day Panelist) Thanks Audie – It was my pleasure. Having spoken to this group twice, I can share my impression that the students in this program (FRL) are deeply engaged. As a panel member, it’s an absolute treat to connect with people so invested in their own leadership development. I hope this helps! Meg."
- Meghan Houghton, Associate Vice-President, Student Services, Mohawk College
"The Leadership Acceleration program pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to explore leadership in a new way. From emotional intelligence to difficult conversations, to innovation and the one on one coaching; it was a great opportunity to gain an understanding of both myself and the team that I work with."
- Jackie Mattice, CHRL, Director of Programs, The District of Muskoka
"Participating in the Mohawk Leadership Program has been a great experience. The program develops your leadership and collaboration skills and allows you to work with different people from your organization. Lessons learned and taught can be applied to your personal and professional life. Overall, a rewarding experience that I would highly recommend to people that want to grow and try something unique."
- Nicole Toth, Business Process Coordinator