"Future Ready Leadership has changed the way that I think about leadership. I have taken many courses both professionally and academically throughout my career, and this course has had an immense positive impact on my growth and development as a leader. I came into it thinking that I may learn a few small things, but left with a wealth of knowledge, a network of support, and a group of amazing friends! Thank you Mohawk College for a job well done and an amazing experience that I will never forget!"
- Anthony Longo Supervisor, Ontario Works County of Simcoe, Social and Community Services Division, Ontario Works Department
"I participated in the Future Ready Leadership program in 2017-2018. Though I am not a manager at my corporation, I am in a senior position overseeing a junior and intermediate staff members. My manager recommended I enroll in this leadership course for advanced preparation and skill-building ahead of any future opportunities. She was right! I was able to learn from the experiences of other class members who were both new managers and those with longer management experience. The class provided lots of opportunities to collaborate with and to get to know everyone in the room, and as a result, I now have a network of colleagues to turn to for advice and guidance. This course gave me the tools and resources to develop into a confident and effective leader, and I believe I am better prepared to step into a future management role more successfully."
- Tara Tran, MCIP, RPP Senior Policy Planner City of Brantford
"A pay it forward program -one attends but the people and organizations that you interact with get so much more by way of a polished and professional representation. The variety of networking options was fantastic for this small town woman. It was a challenging curriculum that asks you not only for your best, but to engage the areas you need to improve upon. The goal setting work provides tools to plot the future. Jack and Kat also provided several real-life scenarios that opened up the material, and the library list of suggested readings is slowly being read through. If we bottled Jack’s engaging style, and Kat’s ability to break down the material; that would be one heck of a message in a bottle. It would spell SUCCESS. ( with a pivot) Let’s see what happens next! "
- Fyonna Vanderwerf Recreation Programmer- The Town of Bracebridge
"Carrie did an outstanding job on the HR Recruitment. She was thorough, professional and very accessible. The timing of all was good. Her reporting was clear, concise and prompt. This allowed us to make a GREAT hire with confidence. I am so glad we used this MCE service and that Carrie was our Recruitment person."
- Pat Legato, President, Stoney Creek Chamber
"It was a pleasure working with you, Audie. Thank you for being so accommodating and for all your help. The workshop was very unique compared to the ones I have attended in the past. I liked how informal and intimate the experience felt and I will definitely be applying some of those tips at my next networking event. "
- Saif Myageri, Secretary, Hamilton HIVE
"This experience, being a participant of both Future Ready Leadership 1 & 2, has made me realize that I can handle the challenges that are thrown at me and I will survive! It has made me a stronger leader with confidence!"
- Kim Coombs, Co-Director, Municipal Law Enforcement, City of Hamilton