"(Speaking as a Leadership Day Panelist) Thanks Audie – It was my pleasure. Having spoken to this group twice, I can share my impression that the students in this program (FRL) are deeply engaged. As a panel member, it’s an absolute treat to connect with people so invested in their own leadership development. I hope this helps! Meg."
- Meghan Houghton, Associate Vice-President, Student Services, Mohawk College
"The Leadership Acceleration program pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to explore leadership in a new way. From emotional intelligence to difficult conversations, to innovation and the one on one coaching; it was a great opportunity to gain an understanding of both myself and the team that I work with."
- Jackie Mattice, CHRL, Director of Programs, The District of Muskoka
"Participating in the Mohawk Leadership Program has been a great experience. The program develops your leadership and collaboration skills and allows you to work with different people from your organization. Lessons learned and taught can be applied to your personal and professional life. Overall, a rewarding experience that I would highly recommend to people that want to grow and try something unique."
- Nicole Toth, Business Process Coordinator
"The Future Ready Leadership program taught me a lot about my leadership style and what areas I excel in or need to improve in. The program gave me the opportunity to figure out what kind of leader I want to be and how to make it happen."
- Alanna Walker, Property Manager, Walker Industries
"The Mohawk Future Ready Leadership program provided me with an abundance of leadership tools, tactics and techniques that I was able to apply immediately in my career, even before the program was over! The relationship built with my team-mates throughout the program was invaluable, as I learned to work with many different working styles as we pursued one collective goal for our project – that’s what being a people leader is all about."
- Scott J. Virgin, BA, EPt, CPP, Operations Coordinator - Arenas, Parks & Recreation, City of Burlington
"Hello Michael, That was a great cross-connection course you put together. I was grateful that you were able to understand my job and to cater examples to my field of work. I found the course had a mix of different learning styles. I am a hands-on learner and found the best part was having time to take apart, rebuild and test BFs. The props in the class room were a nice touch, being able to see how they all worked made a big difference. I hear a lot of people say this course is tough, I agree but that’s because there is so much information is coming at you. You found a way for that to stick in my head and it made it to be more than just about backflows, surveys and cross-connections. You made it interesting and gave me answers to plumbing issues that I wondered about for years. Most of all it was fun. Thank you for all that you put in this, it was very enjoyable."
- Joe De Luca, Utility I Irrigation Technical, Parks & Open Space, Town of Oakville