"I really enjoyed this program (FRL 1 with Project Management) and have already started applying some of the principles I learned through the training sessions. I cannot say enough good things about Jack (Grosvenor). He was engaging and informative and the course would not have been the same without him. "
- Emily Xuereb, CBCO, Deputy Chief Building Official, Town of Tillsonburg
"(On FRL1 with Project Management) I really enjoyed the program. It was full of great information and resources, and Jack was an excellent facilitator. Our class environment was very enjoyable with all program participants, making it what it was. This was one of the best training programs I have participated in, both in content, and delivery. "
- Gail Obediah, Six Nations
"I just wanted to say thank you for the invite to both the Leadership Forum & the Presentations. Both days were very informative. In today’s current circumstances virtual is more and more required to keep people connected and current. I do understand the additional challenges that this causes but have also found that there is some great benefits such as removing the travel time elements, greater availability to attend, facility constraints, etc. I really enjoyed the presentations today. With them being on different subject matters, it provided me the viewer with a taste of various topics, a subject changing element which encouraged interest in wanting to research more and also provided some new knowledge and techniques. Thank you again, great job done by all. "
- Tammy Blackburn C.R.S.-I, Manager, Operational Services, City of Brantford
"Completing the Level 1 Future Ready Leadership program through MCE was an amazing opportunity that I consider a real privilege. We learned a lot of management and leadership skills from our trainer and our classmates. I have benefited greatly from this program and I know they will be skills I will take with me throughout my career."
- Zach Miller, Administrative Director, The Six Nations Family Health Team
"Sandra was an amazing facilitator and I have taken away many lessons from this course that have already made me a better leader."
- Katelyn Avella, Contract Supervisor, Waste Management, Public Works
"Completing Future Ready Leadership 1 & 2 has made me a more confident leader. A combination of reassurance, new ideas, concepts, and perspective was the key. It was more than just listening to ways to lead, it was creating an understanding of why we have certain tendencies and how to adjust when needed. It also provided insight as to how you can get the most out of a working relationship, understanding how another person thinks and performs. "
- Phil DiFlorio, Store Manager Terra Milton