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Reduce material waste, lower overall production cost, reduce rework and increase productivity.

Our corporate welding program will help ensure your welders are properly trained to avoid weld defects, reduce overall material waste and avoid rework. With the shortage of skilled trades, the need to train and retain employees is more critical than ever. MCE provides practical, customize and innovative welding skills training and professional development to improve productivity and reduce cost.

What You’ll Learn

We Offer Training On:

• Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Stick)
• Gas Metal Arc Welding (Mig)
• Flux Core Arc Welding (Flux)
• Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Tig)
• Blueprint Reading
• Pipe Welding (Stick & Tig Root)
• Aluminum & Stainless
• Plasma & Oxy-fuel Cutting
• Carbon Arc Gouging

How You’ll Learn

Every program and individual courses we offer is customizable to your organization’s needs. After meeting with one of our Business Development Officers and identifying exactly what those needs are, participants will take part in an engaging and interactive experience designed with different learning styles in mind. Participants will be led by one of our experienced and highly skilled facilitators at our welding facilities.

Where You’ll Learn

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet all your needs – this includes location. Our welding programs and courses take place in our welding facilities at Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek campus.

Who Should Attend

Our corporate welding courses are designed for organizations wanting to upskill or train employees on welding.

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