Turnaround Interview

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Turnaround Interview™ is a licensed program by Montana Consulting Group, delivered by MCE for all levels of leadership.

Elevating Workplace Standards

Montana’s popular Turnaround Interview™ is an invitation to personal responsibility that teaches HR professionals, managers, and supervisors, the secret techniques for getting employees to break bad workplace habits without using discipline. Our goal is to bring Turnaround Interview™ into your organization at all levels of management to help you truly shift your culture of discipline. We deliver training tailored specifically for your company.


Turnaround Interview™ teaches a step by step, highly effective approach to having those difficult conversations about minor issues in the workplace: lateness, overstaying breaks, “forgetting” personal protective equipment, skipping or rushing through quality documentation, etc.

Participants use cases modeled on their own real-life situations and practice techniques for controlling the conversation, dealing with common defenses and excuses, drawing out concrete commitments, and amplifying those commitments so that employees want to follow through and will genuinely regret letting you down.


  • Why people defend bad behaviour
  • Why lecturing employees is ineffective
  • How employees’ reactions to coaching are rooted in four defensive responses learned in youth
  • How to control the flow of a difficult conversation using body language and voice
  • 4 steps to getting a commitment to change
  • Dozens of defensive tactics and what to say when you meet them
  • When to use discipline instead of Turnaround Interview™

​“I’ve never attended a course and marked ‘Strongly Agree’ to all questions before.
This was by far the most informative and useful course I have attended in my 15-20 years of training. A must.”

Production Manager, Toronto

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