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MCE acts as the intermediary between clients looking to recruit and potential candidates. The first step in recruitment consulting is gaining an understanding of the client’s needs and requirements for the position needing to be filled. The following steps are around attracting the right candidates by networking, advertising, and encouraging referrals. The client continues to be part of the process at select points along the journey.

For example, a business required consulting services in the area of Recruitment in order to secure the best candidate for a new executive position. Through a variety of professional avenues, MCE attracted a number of qualified candidates to a pre-screening assessment, short-listing the most attractive in accordance to relevancy and excellence in employment practices and relatable industry experience.

A formal interview panel comprised of MCE and business representatives asked formal behavioural style questions in addition to seeking to identify specific skills crucial to a successful high-level executive. The process identified and successfully hired a new executive.

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