Patient Transfer

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The patient transport role is unique in that every day is different from the next. You get to meet new and interesting people every day, travel to and from different locations and enjoy a varied working day to keep you interested and challenged.

Understand the purpose of body mechanics, centre of gravity, base of support, and the application of good body mechanics. Apply this understanding to learning the importance of transferring patients with good body mechanics. Dynamic visuals demonstrate the potential areas of skin breakdown caused by pressure.

Find out what you should know before repositioning or transferring a resident/client. Best practices for repositioning and lifting procedures are provided along with practical examples of techniques. Dig deeper into transfer guidelines and when transfers should be used. Find out how to best prepare yourself and the resident/client to avoid injury to both of you.

Practical examples and demonstrative visuals will be provided throughout the course. Interactive activities throughout will provide participants with hands-on application of best practices learned throughout the day.

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