MCE Shorts: Making Your Presentations POP | Jan. 25, 2022

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January 25, 2022 - 1:30pm to 2:30pm
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The MCE Short Series was developed to deliver information in an interactive, concise way, using the principles of micro-learning in an hour-long, virtual format.



Making effective PowerPoint presentations is a key to learner engagement. In this session, participants will learn and apply PowerPoint tools to design appealing and creative visuals that will improve their slide deck.

You’ll be able to use basic shapes, cropping and the smart art function, while learning to use basic animations and motion paths to improve visuals.

This is the starting point to improving your facilitation skills and audience interaction.

Share the Outcomes & Content below with HR to expedite your need to invest in leadership training today. 

Virtual Training: The MCE Way

  • Instructor-led virtual learning session including the use of PowerPoint 
  • Icebreaker to encourage team participation and enhance comfort level
  • Polls and surveys to promote engagement
  • Breakout room activities for group discussions
  • Application of knowledge


1 hour, online session via Zoom.

Take advantage of the MCE Shorts Series Package that brings all 3 quick learning modules into the comfort of your work environment at a discounted rate of $100. Until December 31, 2021.

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Peel - GTA - North of Toronto
Halton - Hamilton - Niagara
Southwestern Ontario – Brantford to Windsor
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