Learning About Dementia Through Experiential Learning

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Explore the basics of dementia and the aging process and how dementia is not associated with typical aging. This talk will expose dementia in our rapidly aging population as well as the consequences for families and those working in the care sector. 

Learning About Dementia Through Experiential Learning will highlight ways to build resilience to damage of the brain and its ability to change throughout life, based on peer-reviewed research. Participants will also have the opportunity to ‘walk in the shoes’ of those with dementia in simulated, experiential learning opportunities related to aging and psychosis.

Learning Objectives
After this talk, participants should be able to answer the following:

  • What is dementia?
  • What impact does dementia have on families and those working in human services?
  • How does dementia impact brain and behaviour?
  • How can cognitive reserve and brain plasticity be built across the lifespan?
  • How can simulated, experiential learning build understanding about the aging process or conditions associated with dementia including psychosis?

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