Lean in Healthcare

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LEAN is a methodology meant to improve the performance of any process. It is a way to eliminate waste and improve quality, allowing for a positive shift in organizational culture. LEAN has been embraced by the healthcare industry with success in the past. However, as populations’ age and immigration fuels growth, refreshing and repeating the methods in LEAN training can implement improvements to modern challenges.

How to Identify When to Go LEAN

ACE is an acronym for Acknowledge-Collaborate-Execute. Certified LEAN Belts will spend time at your location, observing the people and processes in order to identify your LEAN maturity level and note potential areas for improvements.

Master Black Belts in LEAN will then create a customized, modern Good/Better/Best analysis of
the opportunities for training available to your organization. This diagnostic tool is provided as a courtesy before any investment in training is required.

What are the Options for Training?

LEAN White Belt
1 day introduction for all levels of an organization. The first step to implementing LEAN methods is by familiarizing yourself with basic concepts and language of LEAN.

LEAN Yellow Belt
3 days of training facilitated by a certified Belt. Education on the practical skills to implement LEAN projects. Exposure to tools such as Kaizan (change for the good).

LEAN Green Belt
5 days of training, 35 days of project development with coaching. Examination and certification included. In-depth overview of LEAN thinking principles, preparing participants to be able to lead LEAN projects, as well as facilitate a team or mentor Yellow Belts.

LEAN Black Belt
5 days of training, 35 days of project development with coaching. Lead advanced Kaizen, bringing about efficiencies and quality improvements across one or more functional areas.

Champion Training
1 day training session for Managers, Directors and above, who endorse the project and wish to ensure successful deployment of outcomes.

Money Belt
1 day training session for financial experts who understand the financial benefit to continuous improvement and want to support training from a financial perspective.

All training options are customizable and adaptable to your organization’s environment.

For Further Information

A MCE Business Development Officer can be contacted at info@mcecor.com or by calling 905.575.2534.

A CI360 Consultant can be contacted by calling 519.496.8352 or via contact us form online at ciconsulting360.com/contact-us/

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