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The purpose of the Hamilton HR Toolkit, Your Competitive Advantage, is to provide information on HR best practices for small to medium-sized business owners.

This toolkit was developed in partnership with Workforce Planning Hamilton (WPH) and Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE).

Download the complete HR Toolkit by clicking on the thumbnail below (PDF):

Here you'll find direct links to the Resources found within the HR Toolkit. Download as needed for reference (PDF).

2 Tips for Recruiting and Working with Youth

3 Steps in the Apprenticeship Process

6 Steps to Effective Recruitment

6 Steps to Implementing an Inclusive Work Environment

6 Steps to Workforce Planning

8 Retention Strategies

Government Incentives Supporting Employers

Inclusivity Training

Internationally Trained Workers

You'll find links below to helpful Templates that support the information found in the toolkit. Download the templates as needed (PDF).

Exit Interview 

Formal Interview Questions

Onboarding Guide


Reference Check Document

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