Future Ready Leadership 1 & 2 Open Seat

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It’s time to invest in the future of your company.

The Future Ready Leadership program is designed to help participants identify and develop their own leadership style. Participants will understand the leadership behaviours and demonstrate them in different scenarios. One day a month for eight months, participants will learn the key competencies necessary to fast-track their knowledge.  This will enable a seamless transition into a leadership role or the opportunity to enhance skills for an existing one. Participants will be able to collaborate with their colleagues from different organizations and take what they learn after each course to apply it to real work experiences.

The Future Ready Leadership Open Seat was created to address the needs of our clients who either may not have enough employees to have their own in-house cohort or who choose to send a few employees at a time to training due to budget constraints.

The Future Ready Leadership Open Seat follows a set outline to meet the desired outcomes for each organization participating. If you’re interested in registering an entire cohort in our Future Ready Leadership program and customizing it to your company’s needs, please visit the program page for Future Ready Leadership 1 or Future Ready Leadership 2.

Future Ready Leadership 1 Open Seat


Does your team have the skills necessary to be future-ready? With over 800 graduates across Ontario, MCE’s engaging Future Ready Leadership program provides the framework for an empowered and future-ready workforce. Participants are led through exercises, case studies and will hear from community leaders.


Day 1 | Power of Teams
Cultivate a high-performance working team

Day 2 | Inclusive Leadership
Learn the impact of understanding diversity and inclusion

Day 3 | Leadership Dynamics
Envision your own leadership legacy

Day 4 | Employee Development
Learn the strategies to coach employee performance

Day 5 | Power Presenters
Deliver powerful presentations & Leadership Panel

Day 6 | Facilitating Change
Learn and apply a change management model

Day 7 | “You Choose It”
Customer choice of selected courses

Day 8 | Planning Your Success
Leadership plans, presentations & graduation


Future Ready Leadership 2 Open Seat 


Advance your skills with Future Ready Leadership 2. This program is designed to build on your skills and knowledge gained from our FRL 1 program or other previous training. Over the course of six months, this program helps participants advance their leadership skills and learn to handle more complex and challenging situations.

The goal of this program is to enhance each participant’s current leadership skills and make them a more effective leader. Participants will take part in our engaging and interactive program designed with different learning styles in mind. Participants will be led by one of our experienced and highly skilled facilitators through discussions and individual/group activities.


Day 1 | Professionalism and Ethics
Brain-based leadership model, ethics and morals

Day 2 | Emotional Intelligence
Four Domains of Emotional Intelligence

Day 3 | Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Standards of critical thinking in different scenarios

Day 4 | Conflict Resolution
Resolve conflict through theory and application

Day 5 | Negotiation Skills
Identify opportunities and practice negotiation

Day 6 | Challenging Communications
Clearly and diplomatically communicate

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