Future Ready Leadership 1

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Identify and become the difference between leading and managing.

The Future Ready Leadership program is designed to help participants identify and develop their own leadership style. Participants will understand the leadership behaviours and learn to demonstrate them in different scenarios. One day a month for eight months, participants will learn the key competencies necessary to fast-track their knowledge. This enables a seamless transition into a leadership role or the opportunity to enhance skills for an existing one. Participants will be able to collaborate with their colleagues and take what they learn after each course and apply it to their real work experiences. 

What You’ll Learn

This program is designed for emerging and existing leaders. Our goal is to develop and shape each individuals leadership skills through theory, practical application, and experiential team building activities. Our Future Ready Leadership series is based on a set of ten core competencies: personal leadership, team leadership, facilitation skills, communication, embracing diversity, developing others, managing performance, coaching, facilitating change, and continuous learning. 

Understanding Your Own Leadership Style

  • Develop an awareness of different leadership styles and which is most effective for you
  • Demonstrate the different skills, knowledge, and attitudes required to be an effective leader
  • Develop a personal leadership plan to continue your growth as a leader

Learn From the Experiences of Established Leaders

  • Listen and engage with local leaders during a discussion panel as they share their personal experiences and insights to help you become a better leader

Leading Individuals and Teams

  • Examine different strategies for transitioning teams from effective to high-performing
  • Encourage and embrace diversity amongst your teams
  • Increase employee retention by learning the process and tools of performance management
  • Explore how to effectively lead teams through change

How You’ll Learn

Future Ready Leadership 1 is designed to target the essential leadership competencies needed in any organization. Participants will take part in our engaging and interactive program designed with different learning styles in mind. Participants will be led by one of our experienced and highly skilled facilitators through discussions, individual and group activities, and an interactive leadership panel.

We like to call the period in between each course the “soak” time where participants can take what they learn and apply it directly to their roles. Additional activities will be provided to reinforce the learning between courses. Once the program is complete participants will have access to exclusive resources to help them in their leadership journey.

Where You’ll Learn

We work closely with our clients to ensure that we meet all your needs – this includes location. Courses can take place at our location within Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek campus or at any location of your choice. This means, if you’d like us to come to you – we will set up shop at your location of choice.

Who Should Attend

Emerging, first time or existing leaders looking to grow their knowledge and enhance their skills.


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Halton – Hamilton – Niagara
North of Toronto
Southwestern Ontario – Brantford to Windsor

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