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Easy to digest information on Leadership - a reminder for some or an introduction for others. Each module varies in length and is available online at no cost, anytime. Test your self with the built-in quizzes and strive for a perfect score. Pop by anytime for a helpful reminder of the essentials of good Leadership and share with others. 

eLearn Module 1: Leadership Dynamics
To be a leader, you must first see yourself as a leader. This lesson will teach you how to define leadership, appreciate the qualities of true leaders, recognize factors for team performance, compare leadership styles and identify the roles of effective team leaders.

eLearn Module 2: Embracing Diversity Through Impact Communications
This course allows you to learn how to encourage diversity in the workplace, appreciate the leader’s role in promoting diversity, understand the importance of effective communication and develop strategies for removing communication and diversity barriers.

eLearn Module 3: Coaching and Managing Performance
This course allows you to define coaching and understand why it is important for employees and your organization. You will also be able to describe performance management and utilize Performance Management tools. You will be able to apply a four-step coaching model to manage performance.

eLearn Module 4: Facilitating Change
This course allows you to appreciate why change is necessary for organizational success. You'll be able to identify why people resist change and utilize strategies to align people with the required change. You’ll learn how to develop and apply a change management strategy to lead your team through change.

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