FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

How much is the training?

The cost of training depends on a variety of factors including the length of the program, the type of program, the topic and the extent of customized design work required. We can work with you on designing a training program within your budget. Our prices are very competitive. Please contact us for more details.

Do the graduates receive College credits?

As a general rule, Mohawk College certificates are not granted to MCE participants since MCE is a separate entity from the college. Most programs taught by MCE are MCE owned programs, not college programs, and therefore MCE certificates of completion are granted.

There are a few exceptions. If MCE delivers a college program to a corporate client on behalf of the college then a Mohawk College certificate will be awarded.  The Power Protection & Control, QuickStart Welding and Critical Care Nursing Programs are the exceptions.  

Is the training held at the College or on-site.

Training can take place at our head office in Mohawk College’s Stoney Creek Campus, on-site at your location or we can arrange for other spaces to be rented for you such as a local hotel conference room.

How is the training customized?

One of our expert Training Design and Development Specialists and a Business Development Officer will first conduct a Needs Analysis to assess your training needs. They will then prepare a training recommendation including specific learning outcomes and a course outline based on the Needs Analysis. They will then meet with you again to make any requested changes. Your organization’s vision, mission, values, and goals will be used as guidelines when creating the training content and material. We will also include case studies, examples and scenarios that will be familiar to the participants. This ensures that participants’ newly developed skills can be readily applied back on the job.

How long is the design process? 

Once we have met with the client, we’re usually able to design and customize a one-day program within 2 - 4 weeks, depending on demand.

How quickly can the training be delivered?

We usually schedule training at least a month out to allow plenty of time for the Training Design and Development Specialist to meet with our client to do complete a needs analysis and allow adequate time for design and our quality control process.  This also allows the client time to manage the scheduling of employees and other logistics.  That being said if there is an immediate need we’ll do our best to accommodate the request and deliver the training within a shorter timeframe.  

When will we be able to notice a return on investment?

Quite frankly, immediately.

Participants of our training will leave each session energized, inspired and with more knowledge than they went in with. This will be taken back to your organization where you will begin to notice a difference in employee satisfaction, productivity and customer satisfaction. Ultimately, making your organization more successful.

ROI can be, in the case of Lean Six Sigma or Sales Training, but is not always monetary; it can be demonstrated by a decrease in down time or an increase in sales or something as simple as satisfied customers and vendors.

What is the strategy behind spacing the sessions one month apart for your Future Ready Leadership programs?

Delivering our Future Ready Leadership programs one day per month allows participants the opportunity to reflect back on their learning and practice applying their learning in the workplace. They can then come back to class, share their experience with the facilitator and fellow participants and receive additional feedback. This “spacing” method also prevents participants from “information overload”.

Can we include our Corporate Pillars and weave through each session?

Yes, we work with our clients and our training designers to make the program aligns with the client’s language and culture.

Do you use faculty to train?

We have a roster of trainers we work with and yes, the roster includes faculty as well independent trainers. It really depends on the subject matter. Each of our trainers specializes in one or two areas. For example, we have some whose expertise lies in leadership training and others who are technical trainers. Some are also more experienced in certain industries. We work hard to match our trainers to our customer’s needs for that perfect fit.   

Do I have to send my employees to Hamilton to be trained?

No, although we have wonderful, state of the art facilities in Hamilton and Stoney Creek you do not have to incur the expense or the travel time to send your employees here. We will come to you.

Do you have public offerings?

We run one Future Ready Leadership program a year as an open seat or public offering. It starts in September and runs one day a month through to April.  The other program that is run as a public offering is our Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention program. We offer it most months of the year. Our public programs are listed on our website.

Is MCE part of the college?

Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE) is a subsidiary of the college that operates separately from the college to provide corporate training and consulting services to clients in all sectors across Ontario. 

What is your most popular program? 

Several of our programs are very popular. In our Leadership portfolio, we have graduated over 800 participants from our Future Ready Leadership Program. In our technology program, both our QuickStart Welding and Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention Programs are equally in demand. In our Health & Community Services portfolio, our Emergency Operations Management Site Management program and our Critical Care Nursing program are delivered consistently.

Do you offer standard programs, or are you able to create them upon request? 

We do have standard programs, such as the Cross Connection/Backflow Prevention program. Due to ministry standards, the content of this program cannot be changed. Other programs, such as our Future Ready Leadership program, has a standard outline that is customized based on our client’s needs.

If a client has a specific request for a course that we do not have in our portfolio,  we will find the subject matter experts required to design and deliver a program to meet their specific needs.

I registered for a course and I did not get an email confirmation. How do I know whether my registration went through?

Please call MCE at (905) 575-2534 and a representative will be able to confirm this for you.

Do you have a refund policy? 

All sessions cancelled within 10 business days of the delivery start date will receive a 50% refund. If cancelled within 5 business days of the start date, no refund will be applied. All refunds will be issued by cheque – please allow 2 – 4 weeks processing time.