Proving the ROI of Training

Tuesday, September 25, 2018

This white paper demonstrates how companies can tie their learning and development program to the bottom line, specifically 'Lean' methodologies in manufacturing.

Tooling U-SME provides industry formulas for calculating return on investment (ROI) for metrics such as accelerating onboarding, reducing downtime and increasing productivity. In addition, the white paper will include best practices for implementing a training program that increases ROI for manufacturers.

Some highlights of the paper include:

  • Go lean. You can improve and prosper by taking something complex and making it simple.
  • Go lean. Make simple changes, celebrate small improvements and open up more dialogue with employees.
  • Finding frequent opportunities to celebrate employees and their ideas for improvement contributes greatly to a company culture.
  • Attracting potential employees who will support a collaborative approach provides a company a huge competitive advantage in a tight labour market.
  • Collaborate and listen. Workers like the freedom to change things that bug them and to be supported in their work environment.
  • Going lean is employee-driven, enhancing a company's ability to innovate.
  • Scrum (agile project management) methodologies can increase the speed of product innovation that can deliver rapid value to clients.
  • Safety and innovation cultures can be built simultaneously by staying lean and continuously improving.
  • Paul Akers, author of '2 Second Lean', strongly encourages readers to start their lean journey by learning to see waste, allowing people to “fix what bugs them,” and then to make short videos for sharing improvements with others. One practicing company has already racked up 4,300 videos.

Please see the complete white paper from ToolingU-SME below.