Leadership Panelist on Day 5 in City of Brantford

Friday, January 22, 2016

Leadership is a verb not a noun, says Jim Hornell, president and CEO of the Brant Community Healthcare System. “It is more about action than your position. To be a leader you need followers. How do you get followers? Inspire, share and help create and build,” Hornell said during a leadership forum earlier this month at the SC Johnson Community Centre. The forum was a partnership between the City of Brantford and Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE), and was part of the Future Ready Leadership program. Run by MCE, Future Ready Leadership is a series of customized leadership training sessions held one day each month, over eight months. Employees from City of Brantford, County of Norfolk and Six Nations Council are participating in this program, which helps develop emerging leaders and provides critical thinking skills, valuable insight and behaviours that will equip, prepare and address organizational change. Hornell was joined on the panel by two other community leaders, Dr. Sheri Longboat and Geoff Rae, to discuss Emerging Trends in Leadership. Longboat is a pending adjunct professor in Indigenous Studies at Wilfrid Laurier University, and coordinator for the Red Hill Valley Joint Stewardship Board—a collaboration between the City of Hamilton and Haudenosaunee Confederacy Chiefs. Rae is chief administrative officer of the City of Brantford. Rae likened leadership to skydiving. “You have to be prepared. You can’t learn in free fall. You have to plan, execute and debrief.” Longboat said to be successful, leaders need to know themselves, follow their strengths and refine their skills. Longboat believes that while we are all born with some leadership tendencies, we need to embrace them and take advantage of opportunities to develop our skills. “You have to know yourself and follow your strengths, refine your skills and find out where you can best contribute,” she said. Continuing education also helps leaders to be able to adapt and grow, Rae said. “To get results, a leader needs to delegate and allow your team members to use their own creativity. You cannot do it yourself,” he said. “Engage your workers and never lose your desire to learn and grow.” Mohawk College Enterprise prepares people and companies with the skills and expertise required to succeed in today’s fast-paced world. Through expert trainers, MCE provides training with the latest techniques and technology. Its Future Ready Leadership Program covers topics including the power of teams, coaching communication skills and managing change. For information, visit mcecor.com or contact Dianne Jones at 416-988-2053 or djones@mcecor.com.