Effective Leadership: Get With the Program

Friday, May 1, 2015

An effective leader's most important task is to create an environment that allows each of their employees to reach or exceed their potential. "Let them shine. Then your job becomes so much easier too," said Jack Grosvenor, lead facilitator for Mohawk College Enterprise's Future Ready Leadership program. The program helps leaders do just that. The Future Ready Leadership program is a series of customized leadership training sessions held once a month for eight months. The program helps shape emerging leaders and provides skills to help them prepare for organizational change management. The program, acknowledged in an award presented to the Town of Innisfil by CAMA (Canadian Association of Municipal Administrators) is highly sought after by private, public and non-profit organizations. "Eight months later, it is like night and day when you hear what is happening in the workplace. We have had two participants become CAOs and several others have taken on executive leadership roles in their organizations," Grosvenor said. Program sessions include experiential learning and participants are never sitting for more than 40 minutes at a time. The monthly format does not take too much time out of busy schedules and gives participants a chance to take what they've learned out for a spin. "Most programs are done in a lecture style and often reference outdated materials," Grosvenor said. "We update at least four times a year and we use client feedback to make OK things good and make good things great.” "Every session is customized to use practices and languages of that client. You don't get 'the' program because every program is customized to each client." For example, for session four, organizations are asked to provide information on what has been most challenging for them. The facilitators design a session around that challenge and then help participants brainstorm a solution and present it. The program also addresses conflict management, generational diversity as well as the power of teams. Most importantly the team learns how to use their knowledge of these topics for success, "Graduates today have sound technical and tactical understanding of business, far more than before," Grosvenor said. "But what is missing is the application of how do I get results through others and how does effective leadership get better results and better performance for the organization? "What's amazing is to see that big gap and then to see folks anxious to engage and confident in their ability to get out and get things done through their teams."