About Mohawk College Enterprise

About Mohawk College Enterprise

In 2010, Mohawk College Enterprise (MCE) was incorporated as the sole provider of corporate training on behalf of Mohawk College. Since then, through the development of customized training, coaching and consulting and with the knowledge of our expert trainers, we continue to solve issues and improve the skillset at all levels from front line to executive for clients across Ontario. These clients come from all sectors, including but not limited to municipalities, manufacturers, food processors, healthcare and more.

At MCE, we recognize the importance of equipping individuals and companies with the skills and expertise necessary to survive in our fast-paced world. We provide training in leadership, technology, and health & community services to address the growing demand of business today as well as being ready for tomorrow’s workplace. 


Contribute to our clients’ success through customized, results-oriented training.


To be recognized as the expert in leadership training, employee development, and customer service.


Client Centric

We focus on creating the best experience for the customer. Our customers are at the center of our philosophy, operations, and development of ideas.​

Commitment to Excellence

We strive to maintain the highest standards possible and deliver quality products.


We lead by example. By placing high importance on following through with our commitments, we ensure we remain accountable.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI)

We value equity of access and equal opportunity for community members that are underrepresented. 

We value and honour the contributions that diverse perspectives and lived experiences bring to MCE's training & development. 

We foster an inclusive learning community where everyone feels respected and valued for their participation.